Wednesday, 11 April 2012


Some of you may be wondering if I a) died, b) escaped to some sort of cat-related-cult in the countryside (totally plausible), or c) am just neglecting my blog. With the end of semester nearing, my work load has been forcing me to pull my hair out a bit (fo realz tho I chopped it all off, photos to come), hence my neglect. I will be taking an official hiatus from April 25 to June 7. Expect lots of changes and plenty of updates once I'm back. Here is a bit of what I've been up to

Planning a trip to Europe with my best friends. First stop Paris, then Greece, then Italy, then Spain and back home. I am beyond excited for this trip. This is the reason for my break I'll be taking from blogging. Expect to be flooded with photos from my trip once I'm back.

Watching Kwantlen's THE SHOW 2012. There were some really amazing menswear collections this year, this one being my favourites: Sector by Christina Ferrante.

Eating oven baked eggs à la florentine at Cafe Zen

Helping my sick kitty get better and possibly making a little bit of fun of her cone...

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